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Leased Line Internet Connection

Internet Leased Line
Tikona offers Internet Leased line via a wireless last mile to your office. With your existing wired internet, Tikona can provide a near 100% Internet uptime in your office.
Near 100% uptime using Link Failover.
Media diversity over wireless last mile.
Service provider redundancy .
Effective bandwidth utilization using load balancing.

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Information technology is constantly evolving. CIO’s and IT heads constantly face the challenge of keeping their office IT systems in sync with the latest technology developments.


Tikona Enterprise Solutions recognises the importance of internet technology and its applications in businesses today. The company has introduced a portfolio of services that can make your office a hi-tech workplace and improve productivity while reducing costs.


Tikona Enterprise Solutions offers the following:

  • Cloud Contact Center
  • IVR Broadcast
  • UIS with WLAN (1+1)
  • Private APN IOT Solution
  • SD WAN
  • Business Broadband
  • MPLS Networking Services
  • Secured Office Wi-Fi
  • Managed Wi-Fi
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Leased Line Internet Connection

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Leased Line Internet Connection

Enterprises today have Internet delivered to their offices over cable or fibre. With infrastructure work on the rise and a myriad of utilities digging the roads, cable cuts are unavoidable. This leads to significant Internet down-time affecting business

Failover routing: Traffic can be diverted to the Tikona wireless Internet link if the wired Internet link fails and vice versa.
Load balancing: Traffic can be split across both Internet links in a load-sharing mode.

  • Near 100% uptime using link failover.
  • Media diversity over wireless last mile.
  • Service provider redundancy.
  • Effective bandwidth utilization using load balancing.
  • No fork-lifting of existing office setup.