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Hi everyone, today I want to tell you how my phone conversation with one of Tikona's staff member was, as part of my Tikona broadband review. The reason I called was to enquire about a billing issue that was facing while paying it online. It was really nice speaking to the particular staff member who was quite professional in his approach. I am very pleased with the services and the helpful nature of the customer care. Please continue your good work!

by Mr. SUNIL YADAV- 1113028542

Hello, I would like to share with you my recent experience with Tikona. I wanted to change my Tikona broadband plan connection. I wanted to upgrade that and so I called the customer care to get this sorted. It was done in an instant from their end and my broadband plan was upgraded. I can now enjoy superior browsing speed and would like to thank Tikona for their promptness.

by Mr. INDRAJEET KUMAR- 1108289015

This is my personal Tikona review which I would like to talk about. I have been using this broadband connection for quite some time. I have not faced any issues whatsoever and would like to acknowledge that fact and I sincerely appreciate their quality services. Even when I call their customer care, the response has always been swift and helpful. Really helpful and satisfactory experience!

by Mr. SANJEEV N Sure- 1106295202

Today I would like to talk about my experience with Tikona broadband. Recently, because of the monsoon no doubt, my internet connection was getting interrupted time and again. I wanted to resolve this as soon as possible which is why I called up their customer care service. They took my problem seriously and tried fixing it on their end as well. Now, the interruptions have reduced quite a lot and I'm able to get on with my work. Really appreciate Tikona's willingness to help their customers and would say I'll have a good Tikona review because of this.

by Mr. VISHNU SAWANT- 1121281044

Hello friends, let me tell you about my review of Tikona broadband. I'd called up their customer care because I wanted to know more about the 4 mbps plan. I'd heard positive reviews about Tikona from my friends. Hence I wanted to subscribe to that plan. When I called, the support staff member was very nice and soft spoken and provided me all the information I needed. The entire process was simplified and now I can have it installed at the earliest. Really impressive Tikona!

by Mr. HIMANSHU BENGANI - 1120593974

Top Reviews by Tikona Broadband Customers

So I have been using Tikona's 4 mbps services for almost 6 months now and I am writing this review about Tikona to tell you how my experience has been. The internet connection is not interrupted at all and I get good download speeds as promised. Another thing is that I can always call the customer care should I face any trouble, which is a huge postive. Kudos, Tikona!

by Ms. MEERA GUPTA- 1120362915

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a small account of the experience I had when I called tikona support staff for more information regarding their 10 mbps plan after seeing an advertisement online. It was a pleasant surprise as everything was explained to me clearly and all my queries were answered patiently. I'm happy with their services and have a good tikona review to share with others.

by Mr. SHAJU RAJAN- 1114341839