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What We Do

Tikona Infinet Limited engaged in building the next generation wireless broadband services for home and enterprise customers in India.

'Tikona Infinet Limited( TIL), an all India Unified License (ISP, Category-A) holder, granted by the Dept. of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India, offers secured wireless broadband services to home and enterprise customers in India’s top 25 cities.

The company envisions a powerful Broadband-enabled India and strive to make all possible contribution to make this happen.

By engaging with the best-in-class technology partners, the company would be building a comprehensive services framework that can deliver leading edge voice, video, IT applications and multimedia content services over any broadband or IP-centric network. Such a framework is targeted towards global internet service providers, who desire to offer next generation services to customers.

Innovation is Tikona’s driving force and that’s why the company aims to create an environment for the young talent to conceive and incubate fresh ideas to develop and deliver useful services & solutions; thereby sustaining competitive advantages.

Established in mid-2008 by veterans from the telecom industry, Tikona have built some of the largest networks in India for mobile, enterprise, broadband and DTH services. It is adequately funded by top-end global investors and is committed to comply with the highest standards of corporate governance.


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    Our vision is to be a leading Broadband and IT services company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise and other customers in India and globally. We believe that our next generation services will transform the way India lives, transacts, and communicates and we believe that we can make a significant contribution towards a powerful Broadband enabled India.

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    Tikona mission is to raise the benchmarks of customer experience in the country for all times to come. Tikona will endeavor to deliver enhanced customer experience through innovation, by use of cutting edge technology and by extensive knowledge dissemination to members of its customer support teams.


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    Customer First

    Our core business strategy is guided by customer value, customer sensitivity and customer convenience.

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    Respect for Talent

    We will create and maintain a transparent and respectful work environment that helps in attracting, retaining and nurturing the best talent. We encourage an open work culture that is conducive to making work joyful.

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    Win-Win for All

    We work for the success of our customers, investors, employees and our ecosystem partners. We believe in empowering, motivating, appreciating and inculcating a sense of ownership among the members of Tikona eco-system.

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    We are accountable to all our stakeholders, regulators, government and customers, and believe in adopting a culture of ethical business practices, transparency and highest standards of corporate governance.

Reviews V

It was surprising to see the rates of their broadband plans. Very competitive and fast internet speeds. I wanted a 2 mbps plan for 6 months and I placed an order. When I found that I could pay online, I was happy because it is very convenient for me. The payment method was also very secure and they responded within 2 days to install the routers. The speed is very fast and so far no issues for me. I would say you should try out tikona broadband services once.

by Sangeeta Menon

Hello guys, today I want to share my experience with you regarding tikona broadband. I live in pune area and I don’t want to spend too much on internet. My cousin suggested me about tikona and their affordable broadband plans. I was very happy to hear this as it satisfied my needs. I have been using the 4 mbps plan and I am able to surf on my laptop very fast. The customer care was also very friendly when I called him about a small problem I had. I have to say their services are impressive and you should consider Tikona if you want low cost high speed internet.

by Ramakanth Gupta

Hello guys, I want to tell you about my experience with tikona digital networks. Let me start from the first, I ordered a 2 mbps plan from tikona. They sent two of their staff within 3 days only and they installed the necessary routers. They explained how the wireless internet connection would work and how much speed I would get. Now it’s almost more than 2 months, I can for sure say the speed does not change. The good thing is that I can get tikona after I shift to another city which is useful for me. I would definitely suggest tikona to enjoy good internet connection.

by Vignesh Shah

I am here to give you a true review of tikona. I have been using tikona’s service for over a year now. I had chosen the 4 mbps speed because I download a lot of files and I need good speed. The internet speed has been constant and without any issues. Even though it is a wireless connection, there has been no drop in download speeds. And the best part is you get this plan at a very affordable price. No other ISP will give you that. If you are looking for good download speed and reliable internet connection then I would recommend to opt for Tikona Digital Networks.

by Krishna Jain
Hi friends, I use Tikona internet in my office in Mumbai for last 4 months. I am using the leased line connection they provide. First of all, the wired connection problems have been solved. I get nonstop internet guarantee for my office. Speed is good so office work is done quickly. I am happy with tikona services and I recommend to you to get their connection.
by Kajal Kumar

Dear All,

I am a registered member of the tikona wireless broadband connection from Bangalore. I use tikona office Wi-Fi service in my office and I can use that net from anywhere in the building. It gives me good speed on my laptop and I have not faced any issue till now. My suggestion would be to get tikona for your work. It has good plans and good service overall.

by Bharat Shetty

Hi All,

Let me tell you about tikona internet connection. I chose tikona wibro because I wanted high speed internet as cheap as possible. And I get a very nice 2 mbps download speed. I can browse sites much faster now and I have no connection problems with their service till now. And also I have to say even during rains, I did not face much problem. This is very good because you always get internet connection problems in rains. Tikona’s wireless internet is the most reliable and I would recommend it to all.

by Naved Khan

Hi everybody, I am using tikona wireless internet in my house for past 9 months. At first I didn’t want this but I had to choose this ISP because my options were very less. But now, I feel very happy that I selected this provider. Initially, I had a few connectivity issues. But that was solved instantly when I called their customer care. My problems were solved within 5 hours and they also called back to confirm. I was very much satisfied with their customer care and I would recommend that you choose tikona as your ISP.

by Nikita Pillai